3 Types of Goals to Set in Your Network Marketing Company

When you are a network marketing professional, you need to make sure that you are properly setting goals so you can begin achieving your desires. In this article, I am going to talk with you about 3 types of goals to set in your network marketing company.

#1 – Income Goal

Your income goal is probably going to be the first thing you start focusing on. Creating additional income is usually why people start their own business. When you know exactly how much money you want to create, you are going to allow yourself to start focusing on it, so you can start achieving it. You do not want to set a goal that is so difficult to achieve that you do not believe it is possible. Set step-stone goals and allow yourself to have small successes.

#2 – Rank Goal

Ranks are usually put into the compensation plan to incentivize you toward the proper actions in your business. You may achieve a rank when you help other members of your team achieve a goal, when you hit certain sales volume, etc. Make sure that you set a rank goal to keep yourself on track.

#3 – Team Goal

Having goals that are bigger than you will keep you working even when you don’t feel like it. What do you want to help your team achieve? What are some of the goals your team members have? Keep these in mind on days that you don’t feel like moving forward.


When you set these 3 types of goals in your business, you will begin to see progress in your business and move toward your goals.

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